Suzhou celebrating 10,000 Happy Birthdays

On May 5 2014, the Laerdal factory in Suzhou, where all the Laerdal Global Health products are made, celebrated the International Day of the Midwife and the launch of the "10,000 Happy Birthdays" projects in a big way!

In support of the project, all Manufacturing staff and 400 children from Suzhou International Foreign Language School joined the ceremony and drew up a blueprint together.

The blueprint consisted of 241 pieces of boards, which includes a map of the world, and four highlighted countries: Zambia, Malawi, Norway and China. The World Map was divided into 178 pieces, employees took them home during the May Day holiday, invited their family members, friends, neighbors and relatives to sign on the boards. As estimated, more than 3000 names were signed. Besides, nearly 30 kindergarten kids printed their handprints on the map. 

Four highlighted countries that consisted of 63 pieces were painted by more than 100 kids, which includes our employees’ kids and the kids from the international school.