Saved in Kenya

Relaxed in bed is Joyce, 28, with her baby girl born last night. It’s difficult to imagine that just a few hours ago, this smiling shy new mother almost bled to death.

“I was afraid, so much blood was coming out,” Joyce said. Juliet, who just had been trained in Helping Mothers Survive training program, knew what to do. She identified the problem quickly and stopped the bleeding, thanks to her new skills from the training.

Juliet is one of 47 midwives from 19 countries across Africa who was trained as a trainer on Helping Mothers Survive  with MamaNatalie Birthing Simulator in Kenya in July 2013. “The training was very useful and the birthing simulator is so realistic,” said midwife Juliet. 

Thanks to the MamaNatalie Buy One Gift One programme, Juliet and the other participating midwives received their own MamaNatalie as well as HMS training materials. 

Mamma Joyce is preparing to go home. She is thinking of naming her daughter Juliet, after the midwife who saved her life.