Upright Resuscitator with Newborn PEEP is a reusable bag-valve-mask intended for resuscitation or respiratory support of newborns and small infants. By introducing PEEP, or positive end-expiratory pressure, Upright Resuscitator with Newborn PEEP prevents repeated lung alveolar collapse during ventilation, helping recruit lung volume more efficiently, clear fluid from the lungs and reduce damage to the lung tissue. PEEP is the current standard of care in high-resource settings and is recommended by the International Liaison Committee (ILCOR) on Resuscitaton for premature newborns.



Positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) of 6 cmH2O allows for improved safety and efficacy

New and improved mask prevents mask leak by enabling better seal. Newborn mask sizes 0 and 1 included. 

Translucent materials allow visual inspection of cleanliness and valve function.

Upright design improves mask seal by helping users provide even downward pressure onto mask


 *Oxygen kit available upon request.



Upright Resuscitator w/ Newborn PEEP

Resuscitator with PEEP, 1 mask size 0, 1 mask size 1, directions for use

Catalogue no. 846060




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*This unit is not yet available to be shipped to the United States.