NeoNatalie Newborn Simulator

NeoNatalie has realistic size and appearance, and also natural weight, feel and touch when filled with lukewarm water. The baby´s status can be simulated as desired for effective role playing in relevant scenarios covering normal care after birth as well as standard resuscitation measures.

Use squeeze bulbs to simulate:
• Birth cries
• Spontaneous breathing
• Palpable umbilical pulse
• Heart sounds
NeoNatalie is easily prepared for use by filling the body with two litres of water, or alternatively with air. NeoNatalie facilitates practice in effective bag-mask ventilation. Chest will only rise with correct technique.

Therapeutic products for newborn resuscitation

NeoNatalie Resuscitator
The bag-valve-mask unit is made of silicone and polysulphonate, can be boiled or autoclaved, and is extremely durable. Comes with two mask sizes. Time proven design and quality. An oxygen kit is an optional extra.

New, improved version available!
From January 2013, an improved version of NeoNatalie Resuscitator ( 846040) is available and replaces the previous version ( 846030). The new resuscitator has a resigned intake valve and fewer parts. This makes the device easier to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning and thereby safer to use.

NeoNatalie Suction
The suction unit is made in one piece of silicone, can be boiled or autoclaved, and withstands hundreds of uses. Shaped like a penguin, its beak is ideal for newborn oral and nasal suction. Head can be tilted aside for easy emptying and cleaning.


Order Information

NeoNatalie Newborn Simulator is available with a light or dark complexion in two models.
Basic Model Complete Model

with standard items
• NeoNatalie newborn simulator
• Simulation squeeze bulbs with tubings
• Umbilical cord with connector
• 2 Umbilical ties
• 2 Sheets to simulate towels
• Head cap
• Transport/storage bag
• Directions for use

with the following addtional items
• NeoNatalie Resuscitator
• NeoNatalie Suction
• Training Stethoscope

NeoNatalie comes with a shoulder
bag for convenient transport

Cat. no. Title Includes   Not-for-profit price*


NeoNatalie Basic (dark)

NeoNatalie   Newborn Simulator, dark complexion w/ standard accessories

USD 50


NeoNatalie Basic (light)

NeoNatalie Newborn Simulator, light complexion w/ standard accessories

USD 50


NeoNatalie Complete (dark)

NeoNatalie   Newborn Simulator, dark complexion w/ standard accessories and resuscitation   care kit

USD 70


NeoNatalie Complete (light)

NeoNatalie Newborn Simulator, light complexion w/ standard accessories and resuscitation care kit

USD 70


NeoNatalie Resuscitator

Resuscitator,   1 mask size 0, 1 mask size 1, directions for use

USD 15


NeoNatalie Suction

Bulb   suction, directions for use


*Prices based on delivery terms FCA (Incoterms 2010), Laerdal Warehouse, i.e. price excl. freight, customs duty, etc.

Available on a not-for-profit basis for use in 75 high-mortality countries
In support of the UN Millennium Development Goal 4 & 5, Laerdal Global Health has committed to offer our products to low-resource countries on a not-for-profit basis through 2015. Click here for the list of 75 countries that qualify for not-for-profit prices.

In case you want to purchase NeoNatalie for use in another country, please order from Laerdal Medical.

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