Laerdal wins Top Honors for Design Excellence

Last night, at the Norwegian Design for Excellence Award ceremony in Oslo, Laerdal was given the highest honor prize for the development for the Moyo fetal heart rate monitor. 


Moyo is an accurate, user-friendly fetal heart rate monitor designed primarily for use in low-resource settings. While traditional fetal heart monitors can take several minutes to find the fetal heart sounds, Moyo can detect the heartbeat in less than five seconds. Lightweight and portable so the mother move freely, Moyo can differentiate between mother and baby heartbeat and gives a visible and audible alarm when the fetal heart rate is not normal.


Moyo Design Award video


The development of Moyo was a collaboration between Laerdal Global Health, Laerdal Medical, and Haydom Lutherin Hospital. “We have leveraged our in-house resources and it is wonderful to win such an important prize for such a vital product, “said Tor Inge Garvik, Product Developer. Echoing that sentiment, Helge Myklebust, Director of Research said, "This prize is very important to us because it shows what a good team can achieve." Hear more from Helge Myklebust's radio interview here.


Success of the design of Moyo is attributed to working closely with Laerdal’s partners in Tanzania who provided valuable insights and ideas for features. The design team made multiple trips to the Haydom Lutheran Hospital in Tanzania so that local midwives and doctors could test and give feedback on the prototypes. The Tanzanian partners have also made several trips to Norway and have helped coordinate and execute testing that has helped develop this product into a lifesaving and locally appropriate tool.


Laerdal industrial designer, Cenk Aytekin, said, “The input we received led to several changes during the design process. We learned a lot about everyday life and the challenges faced by midwives in Tanzania. They were both important contributors to the project, but also became our friends.”


The awards are given by the Norwegian Center for Design and Architecture (DOGA) which focuses on how design and architecture affect individuals, society, government and industry.


DOGAs honorary award is the premier design award in Norway. It is awarded to both the business and design team. Among all recipients of the Award for Design Excellence, the jury nominates the top three best projects and chooses one to receive DOGAs highest honorary award. Laerdal has been among the Award for Excellence winner ten times previously, but this is the first time Laerdal has won the highest Honor Award.


Many congratulations to the Laerdal Global Health, Laerdal Medical, and Tanzanian teams!