Laerdal at FIGO World Congress 2015

October 2015


Members from Laerdal Global Health were happy to be in attendance in Vancouver, Canada for the 2015 FIGO World Congress. The Figo World Congress, from October 4-9th, was attended by thousands of clinicans and organizations from across the world. There were many sessions where particpants could practice lifesaving skills, from blood estimation to balloon tamponade placement, with the assistance of MamaNatalie and Mama-U.


FIGO was a very exciting conference for us because we got the opportunity to speak with so many of our partners and get their feedback on the new advanced birthing simulator we are developing. There were many insightful presentations from our partners, such as the presentation by AAP on the roll out of Helping Babies Breathe and Andre Lalonde's presentation (FIGO) on the impact of skin-to-skin care on maternal-newborn bonding and a reduced rates of hypothermia, To see more pictures, look at our Twitter feed from FIGO!