Upright Bag and Mask wins Award of Design Excellence

April 17th, 2015


Laerdal Global Health received the Award of Design Excellence 2015 for the Upright Bag & Mask at the Design Day 2015 in Oslo. The Jury describes The Upright as a textbook example of successful use of design.

Laerdal Global Health was well represented by the designers and engineers behind the new Upright Bag and Mask when the award was given at the Design Day 2015 in Oslo. The Bag and Mask was launched in September last years and was designed to make it easier for birth attendants and health providers to resuscitate newborns. Research with students in Norway and Tanzania, using the bag and mask on simulators shows a better mask seal and a preference for the Upright than a standard newborn resuscitator.

In its verdict, the Award of Design Excellence Jury wrote:

The bag has clear functional advantages thanks to its vertical product architecture. The changed angle makes it easier to use and gives close contact with the child. The mask is intuitive and has a design that minimizes the mask leak. The Upright can be folded, so that is small and compact. It is easy to assemble and disassemble and facilitates good cleaning practices. With only seven mechanical components, this cost-effective bag will save lives. The product has a robust and credible expression with clear universal qualities. In a remarkable way, Laerdal Global Health have solved the challenges they have been facing. The Upright is a textbook example of successful use of design.

Previously Laerdal Global Health have won the Award of Design Excellence for the newborn simulator NeoNatalie, the birth simulator MamaNatalie, the newborn suction device Penguin and the Post Partum Uterus trainers MamaU.