MamaNatalie Taking Part in the International Day of Midwives!

Midwives around the world celebrated the "International Day of the Midwife" on May 5th. This year's theme was "the world needs midwives now more than ever". 5km community walks were arranged around the world as part of the global campaign for better access to midwifery services. MamaNatalie joined the walks both in Stavanger and Baltimore!

Stavanger, Norway
The walk was organized by the midwives at the Stavanger University Hospital and went from the hospital to Stavanger city centre. Two hospital beds with "birthing mothers" created a lot of action in the parade and curiosity among bystanders. Although some of the deliveries had complications like obstructed labor and postpartum hemorrhage, this was handled by the competent midwives joining the walk, and all the "babies" born during the walk were healthy and got a good start in life.

The stunt got excellent coverage in local newspapers, see Simulerte fødsler i jordmortog

Midwife Ingeborg Madla is simulating births with MamaNatalie in Stavanger city centre.

Baltimore, USA
MamaNatalie also took part in the Walk for Midwives parade in Baltimore, where Laerdal Global Health, Jhpiego and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) were conducting a workshop for the development of a "Helping Mothers Survive Bleeding after Birth" training course.

See more pictures from the Baltimore walk at 
Jhpiego’s Facebook page.


Seen from left some of the other participants in the Baltimore parade; Tore Laerdal, Susan Niermeyer (AAP) andPeter Johnson (Jhpiego). MamaNatalie, including a waterfilled NeoNatalie, passed the durability test of being worn by Peter Johnson in a 5km fun run with flying colors!